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The EchoLUTION portfolio: achieve better results with less effort for your DNA and RNA extractions

In addition to insisting on superior quality, convenience and speed, BioEcho focuses on ecological responsibility by reducing plastic waste by >50%, using only biodegradable packaging material and avoiding hazardous reagents wherever possible. All this comes together in our EchoLUTION product line: one-step nucleic acid purification technology based on negative chromatography.

BioEcho portfolio

BioEcho's products are suited for multiple areas of biotechnology, including genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing, biobanking, forensics, pathology, veterinary, food research, as well as industrial, medical and academic research.

Convenience by design — BioEcho innovates the next generation of DNA and RNA extraction products

BioEcho is passionate about designing novel ways to purify nucleic acids using modern materials and technologies with the objective of reducing handling and processing time while delivering superior purity and quality. Improving convenience within these specifications is the most important development target for our scientists to achieve clear advantages over conventional methodology, such as bind–wash–elute silica-based extractions.

EchoLUTION advantages:

Ecological responsibility:
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